Line Weight Experiments

I printed a small sheet of pnp designs today in an attempt to address a line weight transfer problem I had during the last etching batch. I removed some detail from the trilobite linework, resized a few things, and added a couple new images (this is a third draft for the archaeopteryx).

After printing and reprinting three or four drafts in paper, I finally printed out a single pnp sheet which I transferred to the metal a few minutes ago. I'm working with a much thicker gauge silver this time around for the rings and trilobite cuff. So far the lines look good - but I won't know until it's time to pull off the plastic backing and plunge them into the acid bath.

It will have to wait until after I get back from Rhode Island on Monday but I am really curious to see how the asterophyllites turn out!

Kathleen CantnerComment