Enjoying the beaches of Senegal.

Enjoying the beaches of Senegal.

    Aragonite in colored pencil


Aragonite in colored pencil

Amethyst   in colored pencil

Amethyst in colored pencil

I am the science illustrator for the American Geosciences Institute in Alexandria, Virginia and I currently live in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

My Story

I was born outside Philadelphia and will always love cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. I spent my childhood covered in mud and was lucky enough to travel extensively across the western U.S. where I became infatuated with geology. My nascent desire to study human history was bolstered by an opportunity to visit Egypt in 1999. During those formative years I learned that the key to informing our present is a solid understanding of the past. I decided to become an archaeologist.

My academic journey began at Brown University where I studied Old World Archaeology and Art and Geological Sciences. While on an archaeological excavation in Greece, I befriended an emerging explorer named Katy. I discovered that oceanography provided an opportunity to combine my interests in both geology and archaeology.

After Brown I spent a few years working as a marine researcher traveling the world on oceanographic expeditions. Eventually I dove into a Master’s degree at the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island. My subject of choice was Kolumbo - a small underwater volcano northeast of Santorini with stunning undulating cliffs of layered pumice.  

Although perfectly happy to spend hour after hour picking crystal grains under a microscope, I had been neglecting a very significant portion of my brain. After receiving my Masters at URI, I enrolled in the Science Illustration Program at California State University, Monterey Bay. The program was strongly focused on biology and I became engrossed in painting Australia animals. I graduated from the Science Illustration Program with a new interest in carnitas and Photoshop. 

After leafing through EARTH Magazine at the AGI booth at an AGU Fall Meeting, I promptly offered my services to the managing editor. I've been working with the EARTH team ever since. 

I moved to Minnesota in 2012 where I learned metal smithing and jewelry design. More recently, I've been writing narrative nonfiction children's books and practicing my blacksmithing, carpentry and sewing.