Tick Tock

Many moons ago (in March 2014), Jeremy Medow, an artist friend of mind asked me if it would be possible to make little hairpin legs out of brass. Jeremy creates gorgeously designed handmade housewares, lamps, and furniture  ( He was considering using the tiny legs for a new clock design. A few months later, I mocked up a few legs with different polish options from which he could choose. At which point, I promptly lost control of the reins of life. 

So here I am, a year and a half later, and I've finally shipped off the first batch of experimental clock legs. I'll have to wait to hear if the gauge is strong enough to hold the weight of the final piece. Hopefully the rate of Big Life Changes has tipped back to a reasonable pace, and the next batch can move through the workflow more quickly. 

Kathleen CantnerComment