Adventures in Mount Making

The vast majority of my time in the studio this spring has been taken up by a massive project - making mounts for all of the objects in a new museum. Having no previous experience in mount making, I am incredibly grateful to the guidance of the staff of the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the other mount makers I have contacted for advice.

I am delighted to say that the Ladd Museum is now open to the public. All told, there were: 3 tiara mounts, brass cradles for a scepter and a pipestone pipe, 7 book mounts, 5 document mounts, over two dozen hat stands, 7 full size mannequins, 6 standing sword mounts, 3 collar wall mounts, 2 apron wall mounts, 4 hat wall mounts and countless shelves and pads for jewels, breastplates, figurines and miscellaneous objects.